Not long ago, when our 810-403 exam book college classmates met, 810-403 exam book xiao dong 400-101 exam was on 810-403 exam book 400-101 exam a business trip in mainland China. 400-101 exam He 210-060 questions & answers called us and said 810-403 exam book he had jumped a few 810-403 exam book more times since 210-060 questions & answers arriving in 400-101 exam the United States and 400-101 exam was now making DateBase 2 for IBM.He and his girlfriend have 400-101 exam been married in Las 810-403 exam book Vegas, two personal 400-101 exam salary adds up to more than $400000, bought a house on the fringes of the silicon valley, a car, his 210-060 questions & answers 210-060 questions & answers wife also created small east 810-403 exam book second generation for him, estimates that 400-101 exam 210-060 questions & answers a year later will 400-101 exam come out.Their little days were full of life.Xiaodong is leaving 210-060 questions & answers shocked the rest of the people. Everyone 400-101 exam regretted not having 810-403 exam book attended 810-403 exam book IT 810-403 exam book training early.With a similar fantasy, everyone immediately went to IT training.A zhe and jiang jian both 210-060 questions & answers chose the more 210-060 questions & answers popular Microsoft authentication, have nothing to often consult together.The 400-101 exam 400-101 exam roommates nicknamed them Microsoft certified binary stars. The Microsoft came to 210-060 questions & answers the 810-403 exam book school to recruit people, all the 500 people applied, after the first 400-101 exam round of the interview, leaving only 210-060 questions & answers 30 Jiang Jian 810-403 exam book very lucky with GE company internship and a GE 810-403 exam book is letter 210-060 questions & answers of recommendation 210-060 questions & answers by the 210-060 questions & answers head of the inspection.Microsoft has a high rate of interview elimination.In the second interview, the examiner asked only one question: XML technology.The computer science department of 210-060 questions & answers countless masters all don't know, are eliminated, Jiang Jian 810-403 exam book has worked with their 810-403 exam book usual 210-060 questions & answers accumulation, says one for five 210-060 questions & answers 400-101 exam minutes, I was greatly surprised, also 400-101 exam don't know a lot of the content of 400-101 exam the frontier himself.At the end of the interview, the examiner gave jiang jian a T-shirt that only Microsoft 810-403 exam book employees have, and told him not to apply for other companies, but to work at Microsoft.